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Press Release

1. Within the scope of the Martyr Delal Amed and Besta Martyrs Revolutionary Campaign, our forces carried out a sabotage action against a Cobra-type armoured vehicle on the way between Botika and Çelik Village, between Mardin and its Kerboran district Mardin on October 4.

The armoured vehicle was completely destroyed and eight soldiers, one sergeant, and seven of which were specialised sergeants were killed and one soldier was seriously wounded.

2. On October 5, the warplanes of the invading Turkish army carried out air attacks against the Medya Defence Zones. The details are as following:

At 11.00, Saca area of the Zap region, between 15.50 and 16.00, Gundê Filleha, the Balinda Bridge and the Sîda areas of the Zap region were bombed.

Between 16.45 and 17.00, Girê Kartal and Dola Mâra areas of the Avashin region were bombed.


October 6, 2018

HPG Press Centre