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Press Release

1. On December 14, at 17.00 hours, the occupying Turkish army with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles bombed the Evdılkofi slopes, and the Geliyerêş and Kanirêş areas from the Xakurke region of the Medya Defence Zones until the night hours.

Simultaneously, the occupying Turkish army carried out set-downs with Sikorsky-type helicopters from Hakkari's Şemzînan (Şemdinli) district into the territory of South Kurdistan, launching an invasion operation. The operation which extends to the Tepê Siro, Geliyêreş, Kanireş and Bermizê village areas in the city of Diana, South Kurdistan, is still underway. Further information in relation to the operation will be shared with the public as it is obtained.

2. On the morning hours of December 11, our forces put under surveillance a unit of the occupying Turkish army, which was positioned on the Tepê Xwedê zone in the Adilbeg area of Hakkari's Şemzînan district. The enemy soldiers which were under surveillance for some time were targeted by our forces at 09.40 the same day. Two of the enemy positions struck effectively at close range has been completely destroyed. Our forces have gone over the bodies of six soldiers here, seizing one PKM (BKC) gun with its chain and bullets.


December 15, 2017

HPG Press Centre