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Press Release

1. On the night hours of June 16, the occupying Turkish army bombed with warplanes, howitzers and mortars the Martyr Munzur and Küçük Cilo areas from the Zap region of the Medya Defense Zones, after which has attempted to progress on the ground. In the zones of the Gıjnê village and Qela Bêdewê located in the mentioned areas, our forces which responded to the attacks of the occupying Turkish army with counter attacks, has identified to have killed 21 enemy soldiers until now.

A sikorsy-type helicopter attempting to enter the area has been targeted and hit by our forces. The helicopter which was hit has crossed over to the north of the border, moving away from the area. The clashes between our forces and enemy units attempting to progress with intensive bombardment from warplanes continues with all its intensity. Details in relation to the invasion operation and its results will be shared with the public later on.

2. Within the scope of the Martyr Bedran Gundikremo and Martyr Nalin Muş revolutionary initiatives, our forces have carried out a series of actions targeting the occupying Turkish army in Hakkari's Çelê (Çukurca) district. On June 15, at 17.00 hours, the positions where enemy soldiers were located on the Havan hill of Çelê has been effectively hit by our forces. The number of dead and wounded soldiers in this action could not be clarified.

On June 16, between 08.30 and 10.30 hours, our forces which targeted the Gırê outpost in Çelê and its positions, has carried out effective hits in close range. Our forces were not able to clarify the number of dead and wounded soldiers in this action.

On June 17, at 07.30, our forces have carried out an action against an enemy unit on the move on the Martyr Mazlum hill in Çelê. Two soldiers have been identified killed in this action. The occupying Turkish army has bombed with howitzers and mortars the surroundings of the hill after the action.

3. The operation launched by the occupying Turkish army in Herekol area of Siirt on 12 June is still continuing. The enemy forces deployed on some points have bombarded the area with warplanes and helicopters.

On June 14, at 15.00, our forces carried out an action against enemy soldiers at close range after putting under surveillance a unit of the operation in the area of Deriyê Bêmerişkê. Three soldiers have been killed in this action. After the action, the occupying Turkish army  carried away its dead soldiers from the area with a sikorsy-type helicopter.

On the same day, our forces organized an action against an enemy unit deployed at the top of Martyr Berxwedan hill, and one enemy soldier was killed in this action.

4. On June 17, the cobra-type attack helicopters of the occupying Turkish army bombed the area of Hêgaderê in the Genç district of Bingöl and the Martyr Kalender area of Lice disrict of Amed.

June 17, 2017

HPG Press Centre