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Press Release

1. On June 9, on 12.00, a secret unit of the occupying Turkish army consisting of contras and village guards located in the Çiyayê Fıleha area in Besta area of Şırnak province was put under surveillance by our forces. The unit which was followed by our forces until 17.00 hours the same day has been targeted by our forces later on. One enemy position has been completely destroyed in the effective close-range hits. Seven enemy soldiers have been killed in this action which is being reflected in the enemy's media with the distorted information that two soldiers were killed and three others were wounded.

After the action, the occupying Turkish army carried out a bombardment against the area with howitzer and mortar shells after carrying away its dead and wounded from the area with the support of unmanned aerial vehicles.

2. On June 9, our YJA Star forces carried out an action against the Qurmik hill where the occupying Turkish army was positioned in Amed's Dicle (Piran) district. Two Special Operations members have been identified killed in the action where a kirpi-type vehicle was destroyed.

3. On June 3, our forces carried out an action against Bilice Gendarmerie Headquarters Command in Bingöl's Kığı district. One enemy soldier has been identified killed in the action.

10 June, 2017

HPG Press Centre