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26 years ago, on the 16th of March, thousands of Kurds were killed in Halabja, a city in South Kurdistan. Hereby, we vehemently condemn this inhumane massacre against the Kurdish people.          

 What the fascist Saddam regime tried on Halabja was just another instance of Hitler’s fascism and the Nagasaki atomic bombardment. The mustard and Sarin chemical gases were thrown on the Kurds. Thousands of children, women, young and elderly people were brutally killed. Neither the forces proclaiming themselves to represent socialism nor the ones representing capitalist modernity and backing the fascist Saddam regime showed any reaction against the merciless killing of the Kurds; thereby they registered their complicity in the barbarity deemed proper for the Kurds. After the massacre which was a full instance of genocide, thousands of Kurds, hungry and destitute, were forced to flee and take refuge in Iran and Turkey in what already meant another Halabja for them. When it came to the Kurds, a people’s most natural rights for life and freedom were being trampled on and dirty profits were valued above everything. But the Kurds held to resistance against all the harsh challenges without making any concession from their honor and freedom. Our people have suffered many massacres, exiles, and gallows in order to gain their freedom, and have epitomized a half-century-long resistance. In virtue of this resistance and by taking advantage of the favorable regional and international conditions, our people in South Kurdistan have achieved their freedom.  

 Colonialist forces can no longer deny the existence of the Kurds and hinder their freedom. Our people in North and South Kurdistan will achieve their freedom through bitter struggle and resistance, just as the  our people in South Kurdistan turned the Halabja and Anfal massacres into motives to liberate themselves and the people of Rojava have brought about the century’s most glorious revolution as a reaction against the inhumane policies of denial and annihilation. The present level of national consciousness, national unity and organization of the Kurdish people can rebut all the massacre, exile, and denial policies against them. 

  The people of Kurdistan will never forget the massacres of Halabja, Dersim, Zilan and the massacres in East Kurdistan. They will continue their struggle for the international recognition of each of these massacres as genocides and, thereby bring these historical barbarities to account.  

15.03. 2014



Terrorist bandits carried out a nefarious attack on the municipality of Qamishlo yesterday. We pay our grateful tribute to the martyrs and offer our condolences to their families.Not tolerating the Rojava revolution, the colonialist Turkish state and some international forces use El- Kaide and other terrorist bandits to attack our people. These offences will surely be reciprocated by our people. Suffering great defeats against People’s Defence Units, these savage attacks by bandit groups backed by some international forces would be no more than futile attempts. The Rojava People will respond to these attacks by establishing their own system of democratic self-rule and defending the Free Kurdistan at all costs. Our people and our movement in the four parts of Kurdistan will support the Rojava revolution. Our peoples in Rojava are not alone.  

In Turkey, the AKP administration’s lies, pillages, and demagogies have been revealed. At a time when the AKP, the Gulen Movement, and the mainstream parties- who have done nothing for the democratization of Turkey and the settlement of the Kurdish question- are following dirty policies, it is  a necessity for our peoples, laborers, and all the oppressed to raise their struggle for freedom and democracy. The antidemocratic, intolerant and fascist repressions of the AKP administration are continuing. Even the most humanitarian and democratic reactions are being suppressed by intimidating people and cowing them into submission. This administration does not even tolerate the legitimate reactions shown against the environmental pollution and the destruction of nature in Amed’s Hewse; they did not tolerate in Gezi, too. The Kurdish women and  the Kurdish children have been the main victims of the colonialist dirty war waged in Kurdistan for years. Hundreds of Kurdish children like Uğur Kaymaz and Ceylan Önkol were killed atrociously.  The AKP administration blatantly showed its very fascist and repressive character during the Gezi protests. During the Gezi resistance 7 seven resistant lost their lives just for using their right of showing their democratic opposition. Lastly, Berkin Elvan, yet in his 15, fell martyr. Our condolences go to the family and relatives of Berkin Elvan.  We call on all patriotic, democratic and revolutionary forces to raise their struggle against the AKP’s monopolist and fascist mentality and implementations.   



Attempts aiming at creating a negative perception towards the Kurdish Freedom Movement have been continuing in the recent days. It seems that a center has pressed the button to discredit the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the Kurdish People’s Leader.

The main aim of the international conspiracy against Leader APO [15 February 1999] was to discredit and make him ineffective. But, Leader APO, The Freedom Movement, and the Kurdish people prevented the conspirators from reaching their aims by struggling against the international conspiracy. At the present time, Leader APO is the most influential and credited Kurdish Leader throughout  Kurdistan. He has also become one of the most influential leaders i Turkey due to his effort for the democratization of Turkey and finding a settlement for the Kurdish question. He is even hoped for finding a solution for Turkey’s most basic questions. At the same time he is being approved as one of the most influential political leaders in the world. This situation means that the international conspiracy has failed in reaching its goals.

The recent disinformation campaign against Leader APO is aiming at breaking his influence and discrediting him. Therefore, those engaging with such attempts are directly serving the international conspiracy and are the affiliates of the conspirators. Doğu Perinçek and his band, acting as the agents of the Turkey’s psychological warfare just after the emergence of the PKK struggle, have continued their enmity towards the Kurdish people from the mid-1990s acting directly as a state power. They have assumed the most active role in waging a dirty psychological war waged against the Kurdish people. They have turned into the dirtiest circle of psychological warfare.
They acted as the state’s institution for psychological war against the freedom struggle of Deniz Gezmiş, İbrahim Kaypakkay, Marhir Çayan and their friends. All the socialist and democratic circles of the late history have witnessed this fact.

The Turkish branch and section of the sworn enemies of the PKK and APO, that is, the Perinçek band, have montaged and broadcasted some parts of the dialogues between Leader APO and Turkish officers in Imrali. These montages and tweezings have been made in such a way so as to serve their psychological war on the Kurds.

The tweezed parts being broadcasted are in fact those parts in which Leader APO calls on the Turkish state [to work out a solution]. These arguments are the same arguments he has put forward in his defenses and his dialogues with his lawyers. He has reiterated the same arguments in various forms during the court hearings. The main theme and content of these arguments are ‘Let’s settle the problems among ourselves, as Kurds and Turks’. The Kurdish People’s Leader and the Kurdish Freedom Movement have for many times expressed this viewpoint, both before the international conspiracy and after it. The 1993 and 1998 cease-fires have been documented as the most conspicuous instances of this approach. The tweezing and montaging of the viewpoints expressed in Imrali conditions are purposeful attempts serving the ominous aims of such circles. By attacking Leader APO they are in fact attacking the Kurdish freedom struggle and its moral

Leader APO has always mentioned that Kurdish-Turkish conflict and any conflict between the Kurds and other nation in the region serves just one aim: the continuation of the hegemonic and colonialist
system in the Middle East. Therefore, any force which leaves the Kurdish question unsettled and has no intention of settling it serves those who have imperialistic aims. In order to disentangle the
‘Gordian knot of the Kurdish question’ and free the peoples of the Middle East form this intrigue, Leader APO has called on regional states and particularly the Turkish state: ‘let’s spoil this game’. He
has repeated this call over and over before falling captive [to the international conspiracy] and being incarcerated in the prison island of Imrali. The leading staff and cadres of our movement have for years repeated this call in almost every speech and writing. We have called on the Turkish authorities a thousand times: ‘let’s put an end to this situation which is damaging for both the Turks and the Kurds’. Even nowadays, both from [the] Imrali [prison] and outside it, we are making similar calls to the AKP administration and the Turkish state. But it is the Turkish state and the governments of the Turkish republic, including the AKP administration, which have turned a deaf ear to these calls and have interpreted them as a sign of the weakness of our movement.

Not only in those video footages, but also from the [prison Island of Imrali] Leader APO has for years made similar calls on the Turkish state and authorities. It is the Kurdish People’s Leader who
has come up with the notion that ‘Anatolia and Kurdistan share a political history of dialectical unity; let’s resolve the problems, conforming with that historical togetherness’. He has conspicuously
expressed these views in his book, ‘Defending the Kurds, Under the Pincers of Cultural Genocide’. Leader APO and the Kurdish Freedom Movement have made the same calls on democratic circles and the peoples in Turkey. The notions Leader APO put forward in Newroz 2013 and the call he made are efforts to settle the Kurdish questions on the basis of democratization and within the framework of fraternity and unity of the peoples.

The struggle line of Leader APO and the Kurdish Freedom Movement is certain and clear. Their call for the peoples, for the Turkish state and the regional governments is clear. The notion that
‘international forces want to get the upper hand in the region by getting us fighting each other; let’s resolve the problems among ourselves and spoil these games’ and the call made on such a basis are
still valid now as they were then.

Those who want to imply that the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the collaborator of one force or another are themselves the affiliates and servants of the international forces who maintain the grounds of conflict between the peoples. Resorting to anti-imperialism slogans and their so-called opposition to foreign forces are just pretexts to conceal their such roles. The persons and circles who intend to discredit Leader APO and our Movement are those who have served the NATO and imperialist forces for tens of years.

We call on our peoples and democratic circles to be aware of such provocations, take stand against them and remove the obstacles in the way of democratization and the settlement of the Kurdish question.

Those who make these provocations are the ominous owls who are trying to blur and destroy the relationships between our peoples. At a time when our people have a strong desire and resolve to democratize Turkey and settle the Kurdish question, such provocations and obstacles are in fact hostile attacks at the fraternity and the democracy and freedom struggle of our peoples. Let’s spoil the games of the international forces in Turkey and the Middle East by taking stance against these dirty offences and ensuring resolution and democratization on the basis fraternity between our peoples; let’s free our peoples from the turmoil of deadlock and conflicts.

8 February 2014


    On the 15th anniversary of the international conspiracyagainst Leader Abdullah Ocalan, we strongly condemn all the forcestaking active part in the conspiracy. We pay our grateful tribute to

those martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the resistance underthe motto 'you cannot darken our sun'. We greet with respect Leader APO who showed a great sagacity and made enormous efforts rebuttingthe international conspiracy.

       A conspiracy had been planned against the Kurdish People and the Kurdish Freedom Movement when the Kurdish People's Leader was heldcaptive in Kenya on February 15, 1999. An elimination offence against the Free Kurd had been unleashed. The conspirators wanted to smash the Free Kurd, for it had spoiled their games and had rendered the cultural genocide policies ineffective. They wanted to punish KurdishPeople's Leader for what he had done to bring about a free spirit, afree attitude and a free identity for the Kurdish People.International forces started to say "Yes for the PKK, No for APO" when they came to realize Leader APO's role in strengthening the PKK's position. They had ruminated over controlling the PKK and rendering it ineffective by eliminating Leader APO. This has been the reason behind all the blackening and discrediting campaigns against Leader APO. Despite all the heavy attacks by the Turkish state and reactionary forces, the PKK managed to keep and advance its power. That's why they wanted to separate 'the head' from the body; a case witnessed a lot throughout the history of Kurdistan.

       By establishing a Free Kurdish identity, the PKK has intended to settle the Kurdish question within the framework of fraternity between the peoples of the region. Therefore, PKK's struggle has been two fold: settling the Kurdish question and, at the same time, democratizing the countries in the region. The international forces have deemed this struggle dangerous for their interests and have nurtured enmity towards it. Therefore, they have planned a conspiracy against the Kurdish People's leader and taken him captive in an attempt to prevent the Freedom Movement from achieving success. Those taking Leader APO captive had ruminated that the PKK would be disintegrated within 6 month and thereby the main obstacle in the way of their policies will be removed.

        But the conspirators couldn't reach their aims due to the guidance principles of Leader APO and the great struggle of the Freedom Movement and the Kurdish people against the conspiracy. As a result of this struggle, Leader APO gained a more influential and effective role, the Kurdish People raised their level of organization and consciousness, and the Freedom Movement got stronger and greater. Today, Leader APO is the most influential leader in the Middle East and the Kurdish Freedom Movement is the most effective political force. Leader APO is the basic pioneer and the actualiser of this revolution.

        Despite all attempts to eliminate him, the Kurdish People's Leader has become the leading force not only for the Kurdish People, but also for all the peoples of the Middle East. It is only him who has come up with genuine ideological and political solutions for all the problems in the Middle East. With his ideological and political influence he is the leader who would determine the future of the Middle East.

       With the paradigm, policies and democratization perspectives of Leader APO, the Kurds gained a pioneering role and position in the Middle East. In the Middle East, the 21st century will be the century of the Kurds. Equipping themselves with the mentality of radical democracy, they will not only free themselves but also all the peoples in the region.  Leader APO is the ideological, theoretical and paradigmatic pioneer of this democratization process while the Kurdish people are its greatest social force. With its ideological and political capacity, the freedom Movement has turned this social force and power of thought into the most basic dynamic of the revolution of the Middle East.

       The international conspirators and those who want to eliminate the Kurds through cultural genocide got into action when they realized that Leader APO, Kurdish People and the Freedom Movement has gained such capacity. They started campaigns for discrediting Leader APO and the Freedom Movement. Their aim was to render Leader APO and the Freedom Movement ineffective at a time when they had become the freedom hope of a people. Also they intended to inflict setbacks on the peoples' struggle for freedom and democracy and secure the continuation of chaos in Turkey. Those forces attacking Leader APO and our Movement are the chaos mongers who want to run and continue their policies through chaos. Therefore,  having realized these facts, our peoples should raise their struggles and take a stance against those chaos mongers who have increased their offences against our Leader and our Freedom Movement.

       The AKP administration has benefited from the state of deadlock in the Kurdish question and has based its existence on the continuation of that deadlock.  In order to get the AKP abandon this policy and embark on the democratization process, Leader APO and the Freedom Movement gave its all to ensure a non-conflict situation and bring about democratic settlement and a free life. But the AKP administration has given no response to these steps aiming at helping Turkey break the deadlock. Instead, it squanders the opportunities and reserves for democratization and the settlement of the Kurdish question by stringing out the problems and adopting delusionary policies. This will sound the death knell for both the settlement process and the AKP itself.  The AKP administration will either start deep and comprehensive negotiations or it will drown in the Kurdish deadlock and will be relegated to the ash bin of history.

       On the 15th anniversary of the conspiracy, our peoples and democratic circles should raise their common democratic struggle everywhere so as to get the AKP take democratization steps. Chanting "Free Leader, Free Kurdistan" slogans, they should turn the protestsinto actions for the democratization of Turkey and the settlement of the Kurdish question.

       On the 15th anniversary of the conspiracy, we should also take a stance against those who have distorted and montaged Leader APO's dialogues in Imrali and have attacked the moral values of our movement and our peoples. Therefore, we should take to the squares and show our attitudes in the sternest manner against these offences. We will spoil the games and rebut the plots of those who want to base their existence on  creating conflict between the peoples and breaking peoples' hope for freedom and democracy. We should show to all, friend or foe, that we will defeat the conspirators and establish a free and democratic life for our peoples.

Long Life Leader APO

Long Life the Resistants Against the Conspiracy

Long Life the Free Democratic Unity of the Peoples


15 February 2014

    One year passed over the assassination of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan
Dogan and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris; but neither the French nor the
Turkish governments have taken any step to find the killers. However,
with the escalation of  power conflict in Turkey, documents related to
Paris killings have begun to emerge. The voice records of Ömer Güney,
the alleged killer, and the leaking of documents related to the MIT’s
(Turkish intelligence Service)  involvement in the killings validate
claims about the role of Turkey in planning and carrying out the
killings. These murders had been committed at a time when the
Fethullah Gulen’s movement had cooperated and collaborated with AKP to
form the government. As a matter of fact, these murders couldn’t have
taken place without the support of intelligence services. The
documents leaked recently point to the MIT’s complicity in the murder.
Unless otherwise proven, the MIT will be held responsible for planning
and carrying out the Paris assassinations.

     Both the AKP spokespersons and the Gulenists drew attention to
internal feud, immediately after the news of the murder spread. From
the start, these kinds of arguments were enough to prove that the the
alliance between the AKP and the Gulenists had carried out the
killings. It is quite well understood that the leaking of the voice
records and related documents is closely related to the Gulenists’
intention to put pressure on the AKP. Whatever their intention, it was
very important that the role of the MIT in the assassinations has been

      The Paris Massacre was the first implementation of AKP’s
decision to eliminate the PKK management. Fathullah Gulen is the one
who has most reiterated the necessity to eliminate the PKK management
and has recommended such elimination methods to the government.
Undoubtedly, the MIT has continuously been on the prowl to carry out
this massacre. During the Oslo process, members of the KCK management
who had just finished a meeting with the mediators between KCK and
Turkish delegate, came under a heavy attack of elimination. The KCK
management escaped the attack by a hair’s-breadth, but four of their
bodyguards lost their lives. Carrying out attacks to eliminate the PKK
management while running meetings with them reveals the real aim of
AKP and the MIT in holding such meetings.

     Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish Freedom Movement have
always reiterated the implications of the killing of Sakine Cansiz and
two of her comrades. They have clearly highlighted that unless the
murders are solved and the mind-set and practices behind them are
condemned, the Kurdish question will not be resolved.

     The government should explain the nature and the significance of
the MIT-related document. The MIT’s statement on the documents is such
as to validate the authenticity of them. Our movement will not
overlook the seriousness of this matter. The connections mentioned by
the alleged killer, Ömer Güney, in his voice record and the unveiled
MIT documents should be accounted for. Unless the government takes
such steps, their arguments about the settlement process will no
longer carry any significance.

     As a matter of fact, the AKP administration has not given any
response to the campaign for democratic political settlement initiated
by Leader APO. It has not only taken no steps in the direction of
settling the Kurdish question, but also has tried to misuse and
exploit the solution-oriented approaches and the steps of Leader APO
and our Movement. While we are maintaining the non-conflict position,
the AKP administration has carried the war over to Rojava. It has
equipped, supplied and set on the bandit groups.

     The settlement process, already stalled due to AKP’s attitudes
and approaches, has been insistently continued by Leader APO and the
Kurdish Freedom Movement, firstly to fulfill the responsibility we
feel towards our people and secondly with the hope of ‘lest we make
the AKP take steps’. Should the AKP government take no measures to
evince the Paris assassinations and take no serious steps to settle
the Kurdish question, they have to know that the current situation
will not last long. Both the AKP and the concerned public opinion
should know this fact full well.

19 January 2014